How to make perfume

Easy steps on how to make perfume.

A lot of people wants to smell nice, this makes perfume business a lucrative business in Nigeria as both the rich and the poor buys perfume, perfume is easier to make than you thought within ten – twenty minutes you are through with your production.

With as little as 1,000 naira ,you can produce up to 1 litre of perfume which you can sell for atleast for 3,000 naira, which you can package into smaller bottles of 50 ml, 100 ml, etc .

After making the perfume, you need to label the bottle with your name branded on it, you can decide to call it kemi fragrance or any other names you choose.

Then start,the marketing of your perfume, by spraying it on your body anytime you go out, people will ask you what is the name of your perfume,then you introduce your perfume to the person, from there, you are already gaining customer for your products.

You can also open a jiji account or a Facebook page and Instagram page to advertise your perfume, from there you can get customers

Materials needed for perfume.

1.Fragrance ( you can decide to use strawberry , vanilla, rose or any other fragrance you like)-500ml

2.Methanol 300ml

3.Propylene -as you want it- it should not be up to the quantity of the fragrance.


  1. In a clean bowl,add your fragrance.
  2. Add your methanol.
  3. Stir with your wooden ladle or any other objects that can mix well.
  4. Add your propylene.
  5. Mix all the mixture together.
  6. Package inside your bottle and label for sale.

Photo credit: Holiness Eziada.

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