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How To Make Hair Cream

How to make hair cream
Fast growth hair cream 

How to make hair cream

Having a good hair that is full and long is the pride of every woman. Having a full hair can be as a result of hereditary or taking good care of your hair. 

You should take care of your hair , the way you take care of your skin. 

Hair loss can make you go bald and make you hide your hair with wigs or being mocked by people.

This simple recipe will help your hair grow long and full. It is also useful for those without front hair, apply to front hair daily and see positive changes

Those looking for business to start, you can start hair cream production, the cost of capital required is little and once your customers Start seeing positive changes in their hair growth, they will ask for more.

Either you want to make it for your personal usage or for sale, this recipe works well for your hair, it should be applied daily for faster results.

Materials needed:

For hair cream.
*petroleum jelly 1kg.
* paraffin oil. 2liters.
* cosmetic wax - 100 grams. 
* perfume - 1 tablespoon
* Coconut oil- 1/2 liter
* menthol as you desire
* sulphur a little.
* Colour - 2 tablespoons
* Aloe Vera gel- 5 tablespoons. ( There is ready made one in beauty stores or you use the fresh one from your farm)

1 .Put  your pot on fire .
2. Put into your pot your cosmetic wax ,after it has melted.
3. Pour into it, petroleum jelly , the paraffin oil, menthol, sulphur , Aloe Vera gel,  coconut oil
*Make sure you mix all together with wooden ladle
After it has melted.
* put off the stove ,and bring down the pot.
Let it cool for few minutes before applying your perfume and dose it into small containers for sale or personal usage, if you are using it for personal usage, divide the chemicals by 3

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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

How to make air freshener

How to make air freshener

Air freshener helps to create a pleasant welcoming smell in your house, and gives you a kind of confidence  that your home smells nice.
The making of liquid air freshener is a very simple process and does not require the use of machine or expensive chemicals .
 you can start the production for sale or make it in small quantity for personal use.

Air freshener

Chemicals used are:

1. Texapon : - ⅛ of kg
2.  Menthol :-  2- 3 tablespoon
3.  Methanol:-  1 liter
4.  Water:-        20 liters
5.  Perfume:-  2 liters
6.  Colour:-       to your desire
7.  Thickener:- ⅛ kg( optional,this is used if you want it to be a bit  thick and not watery)


1.  Put menthol in the methanol,allow it  to dissolve.
2.  Add texapon once the menthol is dissolved
3.  Add perfume oil of your choice, you can use any fragrance you like.

4. Turn your already prepared solution in a big bowl of 22litrs water and mix for few minutes using wooden ladle.

5.  Add  your colour, if the colour is in solid form,you will have to dissolve it in water before adding but if it's in liquid form, just add directly to the mixture

Your air freshener is ready for sale 

Buy a spray bottle of your choice, package it and put your  business name sticker or label on it if you want to sell. 

You can get these chemicals from those selling liquid soap materials.

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How to make molato oil

How to make molato oil
A lot of people you admire their skin , follow skincare routine. Some spend money on their skin to look good especially those whose jobs have something to do with their face, for instance actress, model, etc.
Molato oil is for those who wants to lighten their skin with 2 -3 shades and also want it to glow.

If you are one of those people who doesn't like using cream,but you want your skin to glow, you can use this oil.
It can be used after bath.

Materials needed:

Beauty  series oil- 2 tablespoons
Coconut oil- 2 tablespoons
Carrot oil- 2 tablespoons
Amos white pure oil- 2 tablespoons.

Add the oils together inside a bowl and mix well.

* Package into container for use
* Use daily after bath.

Check this post for how to make molato body  cream  and face cream

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Thursday, 31 December 2020

Easy steps on how to make bleach

Easy steps on how to make bleach

How to make bleach

Bleach is  mostly used for removing stains from white clothings during washing. It is also  very effective in cleaning toilets bowls thereby making it sparkling clean and germ free.

Bleach production is easy to make especially for those who wants to go into the production and start selling, you can start with as little as 2,000 Naira and it can be done right from your home without the use of machine.

Chemicals needed:

*Chlorine ½ kg 
* Alum ½ kg 
* Caustic soda ½ kg 
*Soda Ash ½ kg 
*Water 15 liters 


*Mix the first four (4) chemicals together and pour into bucket.

*Pour 15 liters of water into the bucket containing the mixed chemicals.

*Stir with a wooden ladle for few minutes.

* Continue to stir every morning for 2 days 

Then, leave to settle after the morning stir and then sieve. The sieved solution is your bleach
Then you package into your bottles for sale, you have to be careful with the chemicals so it doesn't splash on your body.

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Monday, 28 December 2020

How to make molato body cream

How to make molato body cream 

This  recipe helps to remove eczema, dark spot, skin rashes and other blemishes you might have on your body

It gives you three - four skin shades for those who want to lighten their body
It can be used day and night.

You also need to scrub your body at least thrice a week to remove dead skin cells and allow your cream to work well.

Body cream is totally different from face cream 

*3 tablespoons of E wax
*2 tablespoons of glycerin
*2 teaspoons steric acid
*Filipino powder and solution
*2 tablespoons of snow white powder
*2 tablespoons of giga white powder
*2 tablespoons of sepi white powder
*2 tablespoons of carrots oil
*3tablespoons of  half cast oil serum.
*4 tablespoons of arbutin serum 
*Preservative- a drop.


*Using double boiler method , pour your E wax, glycerin and snow white powder, continue to mix it , till every of the ingredients  has melted then bring down from fire and allow it to cool.

*Do another double boiler, pour your carrots oil, giga white, sepi white,   and mix well 

*Remove from fire and allow it to cool and pour into your base cream that you did in step one.
*Add in your Filipino powder and solution together and mix with your mixer. ( The powder and solution is sold together)

*Add half caste oil , arbutin serum, preservatives and mix well till the mixture becomes creamy and pour into air tight container to be used  twice daily

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Friday, 25 December 2020

Guide on how to make hair conditioner

Easy guide on how to make hair conditioner
You can make your hair conditioner at home, this recipe makes your hair to be soft, remove dandruffs from your hair and makes it grow longer.
 You can as well go into hair conditioner making business.It is a very profitable one ,as ladies can't do without using conditioner on their hair.

You can start making it From the comfort of your home and start supplying salons and super markets. Hair conditioner is an hair care products used by most Nigerian women, it is mostly used along side with hair shampoo

Although ,there are different brands of hair conditioners in the market, some of them are actually bad and can cause damage to your hair leading to hair breakage, your ability to make good quality conditioners will stand you out among the various brands flooding the Nigeria market. 

One beautiful thing about hair conditioner business is that you will surely make the double of your capital, once you package it well and produce a good quality one, your customers won't want to try other brands but yours. 
Let's look at the materials needed

*Glycerine-1/2 liter
*Paraffin oil- 5kg
*Acetyl alcohol-1/4kg
*Lanolin- 1/2kg
*Croda wax- 1/4kg
*Colourant( the colour you use depends on the colour you want your conditioner to bring out after production)- to your taste
* Fragrance-  to your taste
* Water - 10 liters
* Antisol- 1/8kg
* Methyl paraben- 1/4kg


* In a clean bowl, dissolve 10 litres of water and leave it overnight for it to melt.

* Heat your paraffin oil on a low heat inside the pot that is on gas or stove

* Add, croda wax, lanolin, methyl paraben and acetyl alcohol into the pot one by one , mix thoroughly to make sure the chemicals melted well.

* Remove from fire.

* Add the chemicals inside the pots to your antisol that you soaked overnight and mix well.

* Add glycerine, fragrance, colour, if you are using colour.

* Mix very well with wooden ladle to achieve smooth paste of conditioner

* Package into containers.

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Sunday, 29 November 2020

Easy steps on how to make perfume

Easy steps on how to make perfume.

A lot of people wants to smell nice, this makes perfume business a lucrative business in Nigeria as both the rich and the poor buys perfume, perfume is easier to make than you think, within ten - twenty minutes you are through with your production.

With as little as 1,000  naira ,you can produce up to 1 litre of perfume which you can sell for atleast for 3,000 naira, which you can package into smaller bottles of 50 ml, 100 ml, etc .

After making the perfume, you need to label the bottle with your name branded on it, you can decide to call it kemi fragrance or any other names you choose. 

Then start,the marketing of your perfume, by spraying it on your body anytime you go out, people will ask you what is the name of your perfume,then you introduce your perfume to the person, from there, you are already gaining customer for your products.

You can also open a jiji account or a Facebook page and Instagram page to advertise your perfume, from there you can get customers

Materials needed for perfume.

1.Fragrance ( you can decide to use strawberry , vanilla, rose or any other fragrance you like)-500mls.

2.Methanol 500mls

3.Propylene -as you want it- it should not be up to the quantity of the fragrance.


1. In a clean bowl,add your fragrance.

2. Add your methanol.

3. Stir with your wooden ladle or any other objects that can mix well.

4. Add your propylene.

5. Mix all the mixture together.

6. Package inside your bottle and label for sale.

You can get the chemicals from those selling soap chemicals

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