How to make sprinkles

Sprinkles are used as a form of colourful decorations to brownies, cupcakes, doughnuts, ice cream and so on.

Check out the easiest way to make your sprinkles.


*250g icing of sugar

*1 egg white

*1 tsp lemon or lime Juice

*Gel food colour of your choice.


  • In a clean bowl,sieve your icing sugar.
  • The next thing is to carefully seperate your egg white from its yolk.

*Whisk the egg white.

*Pour in the whisked egg white into the sieved icing sugar and mix till everything is well mixed

*If you observe that the mixture is too thick add your lime or lemon juice to it, till you get a desired results but it shouldn’t be watery.

*Dish out the icing sugar ( mixture )accordingnumber of colours you want to achieve and add your preferred colours and mix it well.

*Then pour into piping bag and make a tiny cut to allow for easy dispense.

*Begin to Pipe the mixture into a baking or parchment paper.

  • Give it time to dry.

*Crack it up to desired size.

*Store in airtight container for usage.

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