How to make onion powder

How to make onion powder

Are you one of those who does not like seeing onions in your food, you can actually make onion powder and add to your food,so you don’t miss out on the nutritional benefits of onions.
Or do you have excess onions and you don’t want it to get spoilt, you can preserve it to make onion powder,it taste exactly like onions and gives the same flavour to food.

You can even start selling onion powder and package it.

This simple tutorial will put you through on how to make onion powder.

how to make onion powder:

  • first of all peel the skin of the onion and slice into smaller pieces.
  • Then put the onions on a large plate and sundry for 5 days or when you notice it has turn crispy.
  • Then put the dried onions into a blender, and blend to a fine powder.
  • Your onion powder is ready.

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