Turning your beans into flour is what is invogue, a lot of popular brands are into it, even small business owners are beginning to see that,there is money in beans flour.

Beans flour is turning your beans into powder form which enables you to use it to make akara, moimoi, gbegiri( where are my amala gbegiri lovers😋).

People prefer buying beans flour because it saves them the time of having to peel their beans before they can use it to make akara or whatever they desire.

My first encounter with beans flour was when my mum bought it from the market and she used it to make beans cake( akara)

I fell in love it, as it tastes nice , I got the recipe of how to do it from the woman my bought the beans flour from.

She actually makes money from this business, she is a teacher, what she earns from the beans flour is more than her teaching job salary.

I am going to share with you the recipe she uses,try and follow it and post your Akara or moimoi you made from it to me.

Ingredients needed:

Equipment/ ingredients needed.

* Beans 

* Water

* Sealing machine


* Ginger, this is used to preserve the beans flour,it should be in small quantity.

 You will be grinding the ginger with the beans


* Soak your beans inside for few minutes, by then the shaff of the beans will be peeling.

* Peel the beans till there is no outer shaff that covers the beans.

* Rinse the beans.

* You can decide to dry the beans with dryer or you spread on a sack for the sun to dry it for two to three days.

* The next thing to do is to take it to those who grind corn, tell them to grind the beans for you, they won’t add water, because the beans has to be in powder form 

*After then, package your beans inside nylon and seal with sealing machine.

You need to give it nice packaging, so as to attract customers.

Do you have any questions, drop it in the comments section.

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