How to produce poundo yam

Poundo yam is an alternative to pounded yam.
It saves us the stress of pounding yams and taste similarly to the pounded ones.
You can make your own poundo yam and store at home.

Do you have excess yam at home or someone gifted you a lot of yam and you are scared that it will get spoilt, you can turn it into poundo yam.

Are you looking for small business to start, you can start poundo yam business.

This simple tutorials will put you through on how to make poundo yam.

Ingredients needed:

  • Yam.


  • Peel the yam and put inside a bowl this is to prevent enzymatic browning
  • Slice the yam into smaller and tiny pieces so as to enable it to dry faster.
  • Bar boil the yam for few minutes
  • Then sun dry the yam chips and make sure it is dry
  • After it has dried ,mill into powder.
  • Sieve and package for eating or sale.

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