Cookies recipe

How to make cookies.
Cookies are made with flour and other ingredients, a taste of it, will make you ask for more.
You might even want to consider it as your best snacks after tasting it.
It is simple and easy to make.
You can take it with tea in the morning as breakfast or pack it as part of food for your children.

Check out the ingredients needed for it👇👇👇👇👇👇

Ingredients needed
500g flour
400 margarine
240g icing sugar
1/4 cup liquid milk
1 large egg yolk.
1 tbsp milk flavour

Cream margarine and icing sugar till fluffy.
Sieve in your flour gradually and add the yolk. While creaming, add ur milk and flavour.

Put in in a piping bag and pipe with your desired nozzles into your meatpie tray lined with Parchment paper.

Don’t bake in high heat as this will give it brown colour. 10-20 minutes.

It gets hard when it cools down completely!

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