How to make tomato powder.

How to make tomato powder.
Do you have excess tomato at home and you are worried about it getting spoilt or you want to preserve it for long, you can use it to make tomato powder.

The tomato powder can be used to make soup, stew and so on. It tastes like fresh tomatoes in soup or stew.

This simple tips will help you to preserve your tomatoes in form of tomatoes powder.

Ingredients Needed:

  • Tomatoes- as many as you want.
  • Pepper- you can add a little scotch bonnet or bell pepper to it.
    Ata rodo or tatashe.


Cut the tomatoes and pepper into smaller or tiny pieces.

  • Put in a tray and sun dry it for up to one week or you put in oven for few minutes.
  • After it has dry, grind in blender,do not add water, blend into powder, your tomatoes powder is ready.
  • You can put in air tight container

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