How to make baba dudu

How to make Baba dudu

Baba dudu is popular candy and this brings back childhood memories.
It is easy to make and cost of making it is cheap.

Ingredients needed:

*Coconut – the quantity depends on the quantity you want to produce

  • Sugar- to taste
  • Salt- A pinch


  • Extract coconut milk from the coconut and put inside a bowl.
  • Place pot on fire and boil the coconut milk and scoop out the top white layer ( that is coconut cream) into another pot
  • Then add pinch of salt, sugar into the pot of coconut cream and mix together.
  • Continue stirring , till the mixtures turn to brown
  • Pour on a chopping board, and allow to cool off a bit and then mould into desired shape you want, you can wrap into white nylon

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