How to know your skin type

How to know your skin type

Knowing your skin type will help you to know the type of skin care products that will work for you.

These tips will help you to know your skin type

There are different types of skin types

  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Combination
  • Normal
  • Sensitive skin

If you have dry skin, after washing your face ,it will feel tight , if it is oily skin you will feel cleaner right after washing your face.

  • When you pinch your skin and it easily wrinkles then you have a dry or combination skin while oily skin will feel smooth.
  • If after washing your face and you
    use tissue to rub your T zone( forehead and nose) and oil rubbed on it, then you have an oily skin type.

Dry skin feels rough and flaky

Combination skin type is a mixture of oily and dry skin

  • You have a sensitive skin type- if you easily react to some chemicals in skin care products

Normal skin types is neither too oily or too dry.

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