How to make liquid soap with three ingredients

Liquid soap is easy to make and a very profitable business,those who are into the business can testify to this.
You can start with as low as 450naira and produce up to 7 liters and you will get X2 profit when you package into smaller bottles for sale.
Are you an unemployed graduate or an house wife you can start making liquid soap at the comfort of your home and start making extra cash
In this article I will be sharing with you how to produce liquid soap with just 450naira.
Chemicals needed;
*SLS- 150 naira

*Texapon- 100 naira

*Cooking salt- 50naira

*Fragrance ( lemon or strawberry)- 100 naira

*Colour -50naira

  • Water – 7 liters


  • In a clean bowl , dissolve your salt.

*Add texapon , mix well with wooden ladle

  • mix SLS with a little water in another bowl.
  • Pour the SLS you just mixed inside the previous mixture.
  • Add your colour, whatever colour you want your liquid soap to bring is what you should add,if you want green soap ,add green colour, ( note dissolve your colour inside a little water first before using it for production)

*Add your fragrance.

  • Add the remaining water,mix well with wooden ladle.

*Leave it for sometime,then package for sale

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