How to identify original Titus Fish

How to identify original Titus fish

A lot of people has fallen to the scam of market women who sells fake Titus fish as Titus fish to them and even sell at high price, only for you to get home and cook it and it doesn’t taste yummy as the Titus fish you know. This is to tell you that another specie of fish has been sold to you which is definitely not Titus Fish.
These tricks will help you to identify the original Titus Fish.

  • Titus fish is not as big as the other specie of fish that looks similar to it.
  • When you cook the real Titus fish ,it tastes so yummy
  • Titus fish has smaller head compared to the other one.
  • When you cook the real Titus fish,it produces a kind of oil that the other one that looks like it doesn’t produce.
  • The lines on the body of the real Titus fish is very bold and clear.

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