How to make tom brown baby food

How to make tom brown baby food

Tom brown is a perfect food for those who wants to wean their baby.
You can make Tom brown  yourself
It is a mixture of cereals and legumes which contains various nutrients that helps in your child development
Ingredients needed:
*7 cups of yellow corn
*7 cups of millet
*4 cups of soya beans
*7 cups of Guinea corn
* 3 cups of groundnuts
*  1 cup of dates
* 2 unripe plantain
*1 cup of crayfish.

Procedures :

* Wash all the grains to remove sand or stone.
* Then fry your soya beans and groundnut ( keep aside)
* Fry  your guinea corn, yellow corn, millet, on a low heat. Remove before the corn pops.
* Sun dry your unripe plantain and grind
*  Then peel your soya bean skin .
* Grind your crayfish with your soya bean.
*Grind your dates
* Then mix your grinded crayfish, soya bean ,dates , unripe plantain with your grains ( millet, Guinea corn and yellow corn).
How to prepare it for your baby
* Put three or more spoons of your tom brown inside a bowl , mix with a little  cold water, boil hot water and pour on the mixture and mix well.
Your tom brown is ready

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