How to start Plantain chips business


You can start plantain chips business from the comfort of your house. This business requires little capital and there are ready market for it.

This recipe will make your plantain chips tastes better than that of your competitors


*Ripe or unripe plantains( you can use any of it) I personally prefer using ripe plantain

*Vegetable oil


*Sugar – little quantity

*Ginger- little quantity

*Grounded pepper – it should not be too much


*Wash plantains. Peel them and slice into very thin circles or use plantain cutter.

*Add salt,sugar and other ingredients into it.

*Put vegetable oil inside a pot and place on fire.

*When it is heated, start frying your plantain chips, don’t let it get burnt.

*After it is done frying, remove from the oil and out inside a clean basin.

*When it is cool, package into nylon for sale.

*You can supply schools, supermarket

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