How to make Detergent

How to make detergent

Detergent is well known in most Nigerian homes.

Detergent is used for washing clothes,most especially to remove stains in white clothes. It comes in plain white or powder blue depending on the colour you want.

Detergent is easy to make and you can actually make large quantity of detergent with little amount.

Materials  needed :

Palm kernel oil -10 litres

Soda solution – 5 litres

Soda ash(light)- 15 kilogram 

Ammonia  solution – 1/2 litre

Colour – 2 bottles  top- blue or any colour you like

Hydrogen peroxide- 3 litres

Perfume – one  tomato  tin.- you can use lemon or strawberry fragrance.

 Procedures on how to make  the  detergent 

1. Pour your  Palm kernel oil into a bucket.

2. Add colour  to it. 

3. Also  add your  ammonia solution to  it

4. Add your  perfume  into it

5. Pour the  soda  solution  into  it and stir very  well  till it  forms paste. 

6. Add the  soda ash (light) into  it. 

7. Pour into  your  hydrogen peroxide and  stir very well, leave  it inside the  drum for six hours for the  chemical reaction to  take  place  fully before  spread into the  sun for  drying.

Note that if you are doing white detergent you don’t need to add colour to it.

Whatever colour u want your detergent to bring out,

add it in your preparation

Each of the chemicals have the function they perform.

*Hydrogen peroxide – acts as a catalyst in facilitating the rate of the reaction; transforming them to powder.

*Ammonia solution – aids the hydrogen peroxide in transforming the chemicals to powder.

*perfume gives fragrance to your detergent.

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