What to eat to add weight

Food to eat to get fat.

A lot of people complained of being too skinny and wants to add weight.

Some people are skinny as a result of eating too little for a long time, some as a result of hereditary or some becoming skinny as a result of sickness.

There are some foods you can introduce to your diet that can make you add weight.

Let’s look at some of the foods that can make you add weight.

  • add one teaspoon of maca powder to your pap and take daily
  • Blend avocado with milk and take daily
  • Take sweetened yoghurt daily
  • Swallows like eba, semovita, fufu ,pounded yam is a common food among Nigeria homes .It is usually eaten with soup like ewedu, bitter leaf soup, okra soup and so on . These foods will help in increasing weight if you eat it twice daily.
  • Rice – Rice also helps in adding weight, ,due to its starchy contents,it can be eaten as fried rice,jollof rice, white rice and stew.

Try and eat more than three times daily this also helps to add weight.

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