Important Kitchen Tips To Know

Important kitchen tips you need to know as a woman or man

*If your milk always goes bad before you can finish it by getting soft , add a pinch of salt to it when you next you open it.( I mean when next you get a new milk,add a pinch of salt to it.)

*When you are making swallow foods like fufu, wheat,semo, amala, add some few drops of vegetable oil to the boiling water, before you add your wheat or semo and mix together, this will help to achieve swallow without lumps.

  • If you observed that the yam you cooked is salty, add more clean water and drain it before eating.

*Chew gum when you want to cut onions so that it does not make you cry.

  • If you observe that there is excess oil in your soup or stew, drop an ice cube into it ,this will attract all the fat, and then you can scoop out the ice later.
  • If you observe that your soup is too salty ,cut one slice of yam or potatoes into it , add a little water and allow to cook for few minutes.

*To prevent egg from getting stuck to the shell, immediately you boil it, put inside a cup, add water and sprinkle salt on it.

Important Kitchen Tips To Know

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