How to make soy beans powder

How to make soy beans powder.

Do you know that soy beans powder can be used for baby food to wean off babies from breast milk, used for making candies and can be mixed with wheat flour to make biscuits.

There are a lot of recipes that requires using soy beans powder.

Check out the easiest way to make soy beans powder at home.

  • Soak the soy beans inside water ( Normal tap water) for four days to ferment.

You can change the water, every 2 days.

  • Wash the soy beans with water and drain the water.

  • Fry in a pot, for up to 20 minutes, till it becomes crispy.
  • Remove from fire to cool..

  • Blend into powder, using your blender or food processor.

  • Sieve out any shaff or unwanted particles.
  • Your soy beans powder is ready to be used.

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