How to clear dark knuckles


Dark knuckles can be embarrassing, I have seen a lot of ladies that are ashamed to flaunt their engagement ring when their guy proposed to them because of their dark knuckles.

Dark knuckles is caused mostly by bleaching creams that contains hydroquinone.

Are you having dark knuckles, do not worry, my simple remedy will help you clear it within seven days, do not forget to take before and after pictures,to see the changes when you start using the remedy, it won’t cost you up to #500.

*Lemon and sugar . Lemon is a natural bleaching agent, lemon is different from lime, it should not be mistaken for each other, you can get lemon in the market, four of it is #100, so sqeeze out the water in a bowl , take one teaspoon of sugar and add to the lemon juice, you just squeeze.

*Add one teaspoon of baking soda ,you get from those selling cake materials,add to the mixture.

*Mix all together with spoon.

*The next thing to do is to put cotton wool to the mixture you prepared above, and use the cotton wool to rub on your knuckles, you can do this when you are about to sleep,or better still before you go to bed, apply for 20 minutes on each of the knuckles and go wash off, after 20 minutes.

Do this for seven days and see the difference, but first of all,stop your bleaching cream,go for organic creams. Join my Facebook group : Baking and crafts ideas

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