Secrets of Party Jollof Rice

Secrets of achieving party jollof rice

A lot of people desire to cook jollof rice at home that will tastes like the party jollof rice. These are the secrets to achieve party jollof rice

  • season your meat overnight (this will make the spices to penetrate the meat for more flavouring) with onions, thyme, maggi, salt and curry.
    *In the morning, parboil the rice making sure it heats uniformly.
    *Fry your seasoned meat. After this pour sliced onions in the used oil-heat a little-put grinded fresh tomato and heat intensely. Do not add salt yet for it may cause burning without the tomato getting done.
    *When the tomato turns from deep to light red, mix tin tomato with little water and pour into it stirring well to have a nice mixture.
  • Put grinded ginger, curry, garlic, nutmeg and salt. Add water little by little as you fry gently to avoid burning.
    *If the tomato is no longer tasting sour know that it has fried and secondly the oil and the tomato would have gotten independent by now.
  • Pour grinded pepper and cook for few minutes,then add water you got from the seasoned meat, if not enough to cook the whole rice…add more and cover the pot to boil well.
    *Now get the parboiled rice and be putting into the pot small small, bit by bit, make sure you do not turn it.
  • Allow the water to sink a bit. Mix the remainig ingredients of grinded crayfish and onions, nutmeg maggi, salt if necessary in water and smear it on the rice. This method makes ingredients to touch every grain.
  • When the water goes down to the pot’s bottom, turn every every with turning stick. Leave for 3mins and bring it down.
    *Finally your party jollof rice is at this point sending sweet sensation to mostly uninvited guest

*Bay leaf
Add bay leaves to the jollof
Although some do not like the presence of bay leaf in their jollof, it is important to include this ingredient when making your party jollof rice (you can always take it out as soon as the rice is ready).
Bay leaf gives the jollof rice an additional flavour that gives it the party vibes.
You can fry the bay leaf in the oil before adding the tomato puree to make the best use of the leaf.
Don’t forget to add butter to your jollof rice.

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