How to make oil perfume

How to make perfume oil

A lot of people love to smell nice which makes perfume business a lucrative one. It is a business you can start with little capital, the production process is easy.

Materials needed:

Different oils can be mixed together depending on the scent you want to achieve.

Perfume oil bottles comes in different sizes from 3ml, 5ml and so on, if you are producing in large quantities, you need to increase the measurements.

lemon oil – 12 drops
green apple oil – 16 drops;
jasmine oil – 12 drops;
bamboo oil – 15 drops;
white rose oil – 10 drops;
cedar oil – 17 drops
ambergris oil – 13 drops;
musk oil – 16 drops.

All these should be mixed together and put inside the bottle and use or for sale

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