How to make Kunu Aya

How to make kunu

Do you know that kunu drink helps to reduce the chances of diabetes and also aid lactating mothers and women in menopause years to relax their muscles.
Kunu is a popular drink popular in northern part of Nigeria,in which some other tribes also love taking it.

Are you an housewife looking for business to start, you can start selling cold kunu drinks and sell, make sure you carry out proper hygiene while preparing it.

The ingredients are easy to get and very cheap.

*5 cups of millet
*2 tablespoons of ginger (fresh or dried)
*1 teaspoon of Cloves. Konofuru in Yoruba language
*3 litres of water
*Sugar – to taste.


*Soak the millet in water for 48 hours to allow it to ferment .

*Wash thoroughly with clean water and place the millet, Ginger, Cloves in a blender, add little water,blend to achieve a smooth texture.
*Put the blended mixture in a bowl and pour water over it.

  • Then sieve it.
  • Leave the sieved out liquid to settle for few hours by doing so the clear liquid would be above the sediment (thick paste below).
  • Then the next thing to do is to divide the paste into two bowls or plate . *Pour boiling water over the mixture in bowl A and stir( as if you are preparing pap)
    Add the content of bowl B into bowl A .
  • You can add water or leave it that way depending on how thick or watery you want it to be.
    *Add sugar to taste.
  • Let it cool down and put inside bottles and put inside the freezer

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