How to make hair growth oil for babies

Natural hair growth oil for babies.
Is your baby’s hair refusing to grow and has been stagnant or all the edges cutting off.
Use this natural oil recipe to grow your baby’s hair.

It will promote blood circulation in the scalp to keep your child’s scalp healthy and allows for hair growth and nourishes the hair.
100 percent natural.


*100ml of coconut oil or olive oil

  • 50ml of almond oil.
  • 20ml of carrot oil

Mix all the oils together and put in air tight container.

  • Apply little on your baby’s hair and comb it.

If your baby is having hair growth problem or hair loss,it is advisable that you allow the hair to breathe by not plaiting it. Let the hair rest for a month, just be applying this oil and be combing it.

  • After a month, you can plait and use the oil as the hair cream and watch your baby’s hair grow rapidly.

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