How To Start P.O.S Business.

How to start POS business in Nigeria
POS business has made banking easy for Nigerians. You can easily slot in your ATM card to withdraw money and do other transactions.
POS business is easy to do and it doesn’t require much capital to start.

Things to know about starting POS business

*Your POS business location should be where there is movement of people. You can set it up around the busy road junction.

*Get a POS machine from your bank or other trusted agency

  • You need up to at least 50,000 naira to get kiosk which you will use for the business, you will also be required to pay rent on where you put the kiosk. If your house is close to the main road, you don’t need to pay rent, just put the kiosk in front of your house.

You can also set up the business close to market or rural areas where bank is Very scarce this will save people the stress of travelling to the city to carry out any banking transactions.

  • Make sure the charges on the transaction is not too high ,so that people won’t run away from patronising you.
  • Your P.O.S business should be located where it is safe to avoid being robbed.
  • Do data and cable subscription for people.

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