How to clear scars and marks.

This tutorial is about getting rid of unwanted marks you have in your body. This is very good for those that have been looking for ways to get rid of their tribal marks, scars and other unwanted marks they have.

This home remedy will surely Make you happy.

Just get the following
2tsp lavender oil
3tsp raw honey
2tsp cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil
3tsp cocoa butter
1/5 tsp olive oil.

Now let’s move to the step by step process of making this amazing cream:

Melt the cocoa butter, coconut oil & olive oil in a double boiler.
Remove after it has all been melted.

Add your honey & lavander oil to it…and mix very well.

Allow to cool and put in the fringe for like 14 to 20 minutes.

Your home made scar remover cream is ready.

Use it in the morning and evening on the affected area.

Get ready to testify

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