Common makeup mistakes and corrections.

Common makeup mistakes and how to correct it.

  • Using the wrong Shade of Foundation Using the wrong shade of foundation will make your face not to match with the rest of your skin. To choose the right foundation that will match your face is by testing on your neck or jawline.

*Using too much foundation will make your face too cakey. Use little foundation.

  • Neglecting and not focusing on the edges of your lips.

When you neglect the edges of your lips, it will make your lips to appear thinner than they are. To correct this
apply your lip liner outside the contours of the lips and round the corners of your mouth.

  • Apply little foundation and powder to your neck, so the colour of your face does not differ from that of the neck. Let it blend.
  • Not knowing how to draw your eyebrows. If you don’t know how to draw your eyebrows, watch YouTube videos to put you through. Getting your brows right helps to define and add to the beauty of your makeup. If you don’t know how to draw your eyebrows perfectly and you don’t have someone to help you with it. Please leave your face that way. You can still apply foundation and powder and still look great.
  • Using the wrong powder- Make sure you use the right powder. Using the wrong powder can spoil your make up.
  • Using your hand to apply foundation to your face is a big No.

Use a beauty blender or make up sponge

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