Secrets of eatery Meat pie

Secret of eatery meat pie

A lot of people make meat pie at home but it does not taste like the one made by a popular eatery,the taste is so unique and will make you ask for more.
Everyone can make meat pie but not everyone can make a unique, tasty and yummy meat pie, there are some secrets to follow when making your meat pie if you desire to make meat pie that will taste like that of eatery.
The secret to that meatpie dough (flaky, crunchy yet soft and succulent) The secret is vinegar and egg yolk.
The vinegar acidity helps in breaking down some of the gluten chain to prevent a tough dough and the egg makes the dough more malleable.

Dough ingredients:
All purpose flour 2 cups
*Margarine 90grams
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon white vinegar
Salt- a pinch is ok
Ice cold water ( with ice block cubes)
1 big extra egg for egg wash (mix in a bowl)


*Firstly mix vinegar and egg yolk together in a bowl and put in the fridge.

*Add flour in a clean bowl and mix with salt.

  • Add margarine into the flour until you get a flaky mixture.
  • add the vinegar and egg mix and mix in using a fork

*add the ice cold water little by little while mixing with the fork,till you see the mixture coming together. Use your fingers to check the texture as you mix , ensure the dough is not watery but soft and moldable

*Wrap the dough in a polythene bag and place in the fridge for 15 minutes.

  • Then remove the dough from fridge and roll on rolling pin and start your cutting with a meatpie cutter.
  • Then fill the meat pie with meat pie fillings.

meat pie filling ingredients:
Minced meat
Irish potato (diced)
Olive oil
Carrot (diced)
White pepper (powder)
Yellow pepper ( chopped)


  • In a clean pot,add water, your minced meat , onions, diced carrot and irish potatoes with thyme, white pepper and seasoning with yellow pepper let it cook for few minutes, then mix little flour in water and added it to the mixture on fire, this will make it to thicken

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