Sunday, 25 October 2020

How to make Ekana Gowon

How to make Ekana Gowon

Ekana Gowon is popular among people born before year 2,000. Different tribes have the name they call it in their dialect.

Ekana Gowon is one of the things we licked and loved back then while growing up, some of us use our feeding money to buy it.

You can make for your children at home and it is actually simple to make

Materials needed:

* Tooth pick

*1 cup of white granulated sugar

*  1/2 cup of water

* Foil paper

* Small nylon


*Cut your foil paper and fold into a cone shape do plenty of it.

* In a clean pot ,add your sugar and water 

* Lit your stove or gas and place your pot on it .

* Let the mixture in the pot continue to boil ,till the sugar caramelize, don't let it get burnt 

* After it has caramelized, remove the pot from the stove or gas.

* Then the mixture in your pot , should be poured inside the  foil paper you shaped into a cone shape before it hardens.
* Then insert your toothpick to hold the caramelized sugar.

* When the mixture has solidify, you can remove your foil paper and lick your Ekana Gowon.

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Saturday, 17 October 2020

How to make molato face cream

Molato face cream
This  recipe helps to remove acne, eczema, dark spot, sunburn and other blemishes you might have on your face.
It gives you three - four skin shades for those who want to lighten their face.
It can be used day and night.

Body cream is totally different from face cream.

Your face requires it's own cream on its own because the skin on the face is thinner than the other parts of the body.
This recipe is active with or without soap.

Ingredients needed:

*One tablespoon of vitamin e oil.
* 1/2cup snow White cream
* 1 tablespoon of goji berry serum
* 1 carovate sunblock cream 
 *1 pinch of zinc oxide
*2 tablespoons of skin free milk.
* 2 tablespoon of glutathione oil.
* 1 ultra glow face cream

* Mix all the ingredients using your mixer, then , you can package into container for your usage.

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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Women fashion styles

Welcome to Oluwakemi's blog , thanks for stopping by !
Check out amazing styles you can sew for your owanbe parties .
African women are the most beautiful women, these amazing styles will look good on you.
You can also check other post on this blog on skincare,DIY, haircare and others

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Friday, 2 October 2020

How to make potato chips

Potatoes chips business is a very profitable one as it requires small amount of capital to set up, you do not also need a shop or office before you can start, you can start right From your house and it doesn't stop you from doing your montly salary job

 Almost every body loves potatoes which makes it a very good business. You need a label that carries your business name, nylon, sealing machine to start. 

You can start distributing to schools, kiosk, super market as well as the local market.

 Ingredients needed are:





5. Chilli pepper

 How to make potatoes chips :

1. Slice your potatoes in a clean bowl, you can use knife or vegetable slicer depending on your choice. 
You can use potato slicer to slice

 2.Add salt, sugar  chilli pepper and your preservatives to it. your groundnut oil on fire to make it hot . 

 4.put your potatoes inside the groundnut oil which is on fire

 5.Allow to fry till golden brown 

6.Remove from fire. 

 7.let it cool down 

 8.package inside your nylon and put in your label, and use sealing machine to seal the mouth of the nylon.

If you have any questions,drop it in the comment section.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

How to make homemade condensed milk

How to make condensed milk at home.

Condensed milk is mostly used in confectionaries, deserts and used as toppings on top of chocolate.

Condensed milk contains important nutrients that our body needs such as protein, carbohydrates, fats and so on.

The presence of calcium in it helps in achieving strong and healthy bones for young children,it can be added to the diet of a child suffering from malnutrition.

You can make your own condensed milk at home and it taste exactly like the popular brands you know.

Ingredients needed:

2 cup of powder milk.

1/4 cup melted butter

1/2 cup of water

1 cup  of granulated sugar 


1) First of all, Pour your powder milk, granulated sugar, melted butter and water in a blender.

2). Blend all ingredients together.

 3) if you notice it is too thick, you can add more water and blend

4) Then pour into air tight container and keep in your refrigerator.

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Friday, 25 September 2020

Application Of Life Expectancy on Infant Mortality Rate

Application Of Life Expectancy on Infant Mortality Rate

 Application Of Life Expectancy on Infant Mortality Rate - Application Of Life Expectancy on Infant Mortality Rate

Health status of a particular society depends on its socio-economic, cultural and demographic structure of the population.

The neo-natal, infant and under 5 mortality rates provide refined indicators for drawing any conclusions regarding health development of a population. It is one of the indicators for making population policy program and its implementation.

The study of Infant and Child deaths has been a strong device to elucidate changes and variations in population distribution of a nation. the extent and trend of IMR indicate social development of a region and it also shows the physical, psychological and economic state of a female.

it’s also been increasingly realized, for several reasons, that child mortality i.e. mortality under age five needs to be examined in addition to infant deathrate (UNO, 1988).Obviously, a decrease in IMR indicates the rise within the probability of survival of a toddler .

it’s been seen that the mothers ageing but 20 years and more than 35 are most likely to experience more infant deaths as compared to the mothers of aged between 20 to 35 years. Among the eight Millennium Goals for India, MDG 4 (Millennium Development Goals 4) targeted the kid survival and to scale back IMR by two thirds (28 deaths per thousand) in the period 1990 to 2015.

Though significant decrease has been observed in infant mortality rates of India over the last three decades from 102 in 1982 to 47 in 2010 still it’s much higher in comparison to many other developing countries in south and east Asia. it’s been observed that in developing countries usually the number of deaths is either underreported or misreported.

The EAG (Empowered Action Group) states were formerly known as BIMARU states. This comprised of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh , Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttaranchal and Odisha. EAG states cover an outsized a part of the country’s population and geographic area .

These states cover 48per cent of the entire population of India therefore it becomes a clear need to review how the health and nutrition status of the population is changing. Madhya Pradesh (62) followed by Odisha and Uttar Pradesh (61) have the highest value of IMR in the country

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Thursday, 24 September 2020

How to make Detergent

How to make detergent

Detergent is well known in most Nigerian homes.
Detergent is used for washing clothes,most especially to remove stains in white clothes. It comes in plain white or powder blue depending on the colour you want.

Detergent is easy to make and you can actually make large quantity of detergent with little amount.

Materials  needed :

Palm kernel oil -10 litres

Soda solution - 5 litres

Soda ash(light)- 15 kilogram 

Ammonia  solution - 1/2 litre

Colour - 2 bottles  top- blue or any colour you like

Hydrogen peroxide- 3 litres

Perfume - one  tomato  tin.- you can use lemon or strawberry fragrance.

 Procedures on how to make  the  detergent 
1. Pour your  Palm kernel oil into a bucket.

2. Add colour  to it. 

3. Also  add your  ammonia solution to  it

4. Add your  perfume  into it

5. Pour the  soda  solution  into  it and stir very  well  till it  forms paste. 

6. Add the  soda ash (light) into  it. 

7. Pour into  your  hydrogen peroxide and  stir very well, leave  it inside the  drum for six hours for the  chemical reaction to  take  place  fully before  spread into the  sun for  drying.

Note that if you are doing white detergent you don't need to add colour to it.

Whatever colour u want your detergent to bring out,
add it in your preparation

Each of the chemicals have the function they perform.

*Hydrogen peroxide – acts as a catalyst in facilitating the rate of the reaction; transforming them to powder.

*Ammonia solution – aids the hydrogen peroxide in transforming the chemicals to powder.

*perfume gives fragrance to your detergent.

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